The most affordable lash supplies in the market. Our mission is to provide all lash artists with the necessary day to day products at an ideal price. Open to all beginner and pro artists. High quality products that are versatile for all levels of lashing.

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Women Owned

We are a women owned brand.
Once upon a time, our founder Jocelyn started as a lash artist working from home who dreamed of achieving what and where we are today. Jocelyn was a working mother with kids and big dreams as a lash technician. That was 2017. Jocelyn’s talent was reaching many more women and later that year, Griselda partnered with Lashified Beauty. With her experience in the beauty industry as well as an understanding of the operational side to the business, Griselda became a driving force in propelling LB’s growth. Thanks to her managerial skills plus her great sense of judgement, Jocelyn & Griselda combined their skills and have became what you see today. You can call this dynamic duo the Queens of 'Figuring it out".

Consistency and determination will take you to doors you never believed. Success does not happen overnight, it takes patience, tears, focus, dedication and time. We humbly want to thank God, our fabulous clientele, and all the fabulous women we work with day to day whom helped us build this brand.

Being a lash artist is all about perfecting your craft and until then, yes you have to invest in your products. Investing can be very expensive, this is why we retail our products at an affordable price to ensure you the lash artist and all upcoming lash artist profit. Being a lash artist is not easy and doing it alone is even harder. We hope you enjoy our site as we appreciate you for taking the time to navigate and consider us as your lash supply brand.

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